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The only thing constant in this dynamic environment is change. With rapidly changing economies, technical innovations and globalization we understand the crucial role of Strategic Brand Consulting‎. Adopting the right strategy is a necessity requiring a unique and discrete approach. As a management consulting firm in business since 2002, we have a deep understanding of strategy consulting and we strive to realize the maximum potential of your business so as to remain on the top of the ladder.

Strategic Consulting Our strategic advisory team helps the clients by navigating the industry through our broad range of consulting services to achieve optimum results in the best possible manner. We cover the gamut of strategy consulting services including: Functional Strategy, Strategic Brand Consulting‎, M&A advisory, Marketing Strategy among numerous others.

  1. Corporate strategy and strategic planning: We work closely with our clients to develop vigorous corporate and business strategies. Our fact based analysis helps businesses generate corporate strategies and strategic plans that target value generation.

  2. Brand strategy, growth, and innovation: RNCOS provides Strategic Brand Consulting‎ services to help your business establish new sources of revenue augmentation. We possess the know-how of forecasting the market trends that will address your business needs and put you in a favorable market position.

  3. Organizational effectiveness: Our Organizational Effectiveness adequacy can help you strengthen the performance of your organization. With our industrial knowledge and deep expertise in business consulting services, we help you encounter challenges that might be hindering the growth of your organization.

  4. Mergers and acquisitions: We offer tailored strategic advisory services to our clients that help their businesses prosper. Our experience gathered over the years can help you spot the right opportunity your business needs thereby building and maintaining a completive advantage in the industry.

  5. Functional strategy: For smooth operation of business a good functional strategy is extremely vital. To enhance performance, productivity and add value to the business our strategic advisory team helps the clients to determine the functional needs of business. We help you build a clear road map so that each function is in synchronization with the other.

At RNCOS, we follow a rigorous approach of strategic planning that helps our client attain a favorable position in the market. As a project management consultant we help you identify the vision and mission your business aspires. We gather the data, conduct a SWOT analysis and draw crucial conclusions from it. We then provide an intricate report with our detailed analysis and findings that are aligned with your organizational goals and objectives.

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